Plans to form the Farmers National Bank of Griggsville began in May of 1942 by a group of local business men and citizens. Stock was solicited and by October 1942 $40,000.00 was sold. An application for the charter was granted in December of 1942.

On February 13, 1943 the doors of the new bank were opened with $140,000.00 deposited on the first day. The directors were Arland Birch, President, Harry Kopps, Vice President, Frank Birch, Harold Newman, Charles Wade, Joseph Ackles and William Buchanan.

Farmers National Bank of Griggsville has grown steadily over the last 70 years with assets of more than $60,000,000.00 today. Griggsville Bancshares Inc was formed in 1993 with shareholders that included many descendants of the first shareholders families.

The Griggsville building boasts the walnut counter that dates back to the 1870’s, the counter has been passed from the former bank in Griggsville as well as the 2 lobby desks and a mantle clock that are pictured in a photo of the Griggsville National Bank from 1927 and was 50 years old at that time. When the Milton Branch was opened in 1998, the Mt. Sterling Branch in 2002 and the Pittsfield Branch in 2010, the counter pattern was copied by local contractors.

Farmers National Bank of Griggsville has remained a strong ‘Community Bank’ with the continued support of the local communities and shareholders. There have been 6 Presidents and/or CEO’s in the history of the Farmers National Bank of Griggsville. CC Mason, Fred Smith, Norman Turnbull, Robert J. Bradshaw, Mina R Robertson and current President/CEO Douglas Smith. The bank is currently staffed with 21 employees.